Pizza Planet Truck And Other Brave Easter Eggs Revealed

As we've seen from Brave's box office—and the comments on our recent Hear Us Out—Pixar spurs a fanatical devotion that not only draws us to their movies, but beckons back again and again to luxuriate in their masterfully created worlds, pick up jokes we may have missed because of rousing audience reactions, and look for new layers and textures within the films. Of course, another beloved part of re-watching Pixar movies is scouring their frames for some of their famous Easter egg references from their past works.

With Brave being set in medieval Scotland, many of us idly wondered how certain recurring allusions—like the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story or the Luxo Ball—could be woven into the fabric of this fantasy. Well, now we've got stills that reveal two such hidden gems in Brave, both found within the wacky witch's den. Can you spot them?

In the first image, beside a roughly hewn carving of Auguste Rodin's The Thinker, you'll notice—tucked behind the candles—a familiar vehicle. The truck that drove Buzz and Woody to Pizza Planet, that is scanned by EVE for signs of life in Wall-E, and competes in races in Cars 2. While some might grumble at it's inclusion here—as it's definitely outside the world of Brave--others are sure to cheer it, as the little truck maintains its record of appearing in every Pixar feature thus far!

The Easter egg in the second image is a bit trickier to spot. But amid the bear-themed carvings, next to a basket of crudely crafted canes, sits a Celtic-styled carving of Monsters, Inc.'s Sully who'll return to screens in 2013 in Monsters University. Click the above image to see a close-up of the carving!

Finally the third Easter egg is the inclusion of John Ratzenberger, whose distinct voice can be heard in every single Pixar feature thus far. In Brave he plays a guard named Gordon.

Brave is now in theaters. Share any other Pixar allusions you've discovered in comments.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.