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Plans To Phase Out 2D Movies Go Forward, Boycott Alice In Wonderland To Stop It

It’s only a matter of time. The higher ticket prices theaters can get away with charging for 3D are like throwing blood in shark infested waters. They want more and they’re going to get it.

Right now most theaters only have one or two screens capable of showing 3D movies. That’s about to change. Variety says exhibitors are pushing for more 3D screens in movie theaters. Where will they get those screens? By phasing out 2D screens of course.

Right now the demand is there. There’s a bigger demand for 3D movies than there are theaters capable of showing it. Plans are already underway to increase the 3D capacity and in the process limit the number of places you’ll be able to avoid the mostly gimmicky format. Sure 3D screens could technically also be used to show 2D movies, but with most of the year's biggest blockbusters getting a 3D release and with the money to be made by showing them in that format, the odds that this will happen is practically zero. AMC, Cinemark, and Regal cinemas have banded together to secure financing through JP Morgan Chase to speed up the conversion to 3D. It's happening right now and your 2D options are about to start dwindling. Unless…

Alice in Wonderland gets released in a couple of weeks and it’ll be the first in a massive tidal wave of 3D movies being pushed into theaters this year. Before theater owners start spending the money for 3D conversion they’ll want to know that Avatar wasn’t just some fluke. They’ll be looking for some sign that 3D will continue selling like massively overpriced hotcakes. In short, right now we’re in a trial period. If people show up in droves for 3D showings of Alice in Wonderland and How to Train Your Dragon in March, it’s on, we’re all screwed, and it could be the beginning of the end for seeing movies in 2D. If on the other hand, you make it a point to see these movies in 2D instead, if we all do, then maybe there’s hope.

A 3D ticket purchased for Alice in Wonderland is a choice, it’s a choice to make 3D the norm and to put up with all of this. Right now 2D is still an option but it’s an option which, unless we do something, is about to go away.