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Though there are arguments to be made for the quality of some of Michael Bay's movies, his company Platinum Dunes has succeeded in producing absolutely nothing anyone has liked, from crappy horror movie remakes like A Nightmare On Elm Street to crappy original horror films like The Unborn. So now that the studio is jumping on two trends at once with an adaptation of the graphic novel Zombies vs. Robots, there's pretty much no reason to believe things will go differently this time.

According to DeadlineInherit The Earth, which is based on the Zombies vs. Robots graphic novel by Chris Ryell and Ashley Wood. The story focuses on a young girl who is protected by a group of robots who are the last bastion against the zombie hordes. Sony will be distributing the film, having apparently beaten out at least one other studio for the rights.
Cowboys & Aliens this summer, and regard with respectful curiosity the forthcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I can't help but feel a little worn out by the notion of Zombies vs. Robots, even if that's not the title they're sticking with. Maybe if someone interesting gets on board to make it, or if they make some creative casting decisions, I'll feel less resigned to this being a mess. But another Michael Bay movie about robots clanking against each other, plus the well-overplayed zombies? Big time yawn.

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