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Possible Hulk Teaser Poster Fails To Impress

Last week a friend asked me about what movies I’m looking forward to this year. I was surprised to find myself list The Incredible Hulk included among my anticipated movies. I’m actually interested in seeing what Edward Norton and Louis Leterrier can do with the franchise that didn’t work so well for Ang Lee.

It’s a good thing I’m excited about the movie already, because the advertising isn’t exactly doing a bang-up job of raising interest. Bad thinks they’ve found the first teaser poster for this summer’s release over at and, guess what – it’s the same image we’ve been seeing since last year’s New York City Licensing Show.

We get it already – the Hulk is big; he’s menacing; clearly, they don’t want us to see what the effects created creature will look like until closer to the movie – a strategy that didn’t exactly pay off for Lee’s Hulk movie. In fact, didn’t we see something almost exactly like this advertising that movie? Or do I just think that’s the case because we’ve been seeing this image for so long for this film?

Based on the suggested release date of the poster, if this really is the poster, the Italian site is speculating that we might see something new next week – a teaser trailer perhaps? I know – let’s get Edward Norton looking at his reflection in a mirror while his voice-over tells us that he’s beginning to enjoy the transformation. That worked so well last time…

Here’s hoping this isn’t really the teaser poster for The Incredible Hulk and that we get something real sometime soon.