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This November, some legendary characters will unite in Rise of the Guardians, and then, come March, DreamWorks' other upcoming animated film The Croods will make its way into theaters. A new poster for the animated comedy adventure has made its way online. It gives us a look at this cave-family as they prepare to embark on an adventure.

Directed by Christopher Sanders and Kirk De Micco, The Croods features the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage and Catherine Keener, and follows a caveman named Grug who - due to an earthquake - must uproot his family and take them out into the dangerous world in search of a new home. Yahoo shared the poster below, which gives us a look at this family and what's ahead...

It's interesting to note that their backs are to us. Of course, that means we don't get to see their faces, but there's still plenty to look at. Based on their backs, it seems there's a son, a daughter and a baby/toddler, in addition to a mother and Gran, who's holding a staff and wearing an excellent (gater-skin?) dress. Love the tail. (Animal prints are definitely in season for this family.)

And speaking of animals, the poster has no shortage of them. The family is surrounded by flora and lots of fauna, including tigers, monkeys and birds. The poster definitely suits the tagline, "The journey begins." With their backs to us, their faces are set on the wide world in front of them and the adventure that awaits.

In addition to Cage, Reynolds and Keener, Emma Stone, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman are also among the voice cast.

The Croods arrives in theaters March 22 at 2013.

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