New Poster For Sleeping Beauty Shows Some Skin

If you've seen the trailer for the Emily Browning-fronted reimagining of Sleeping Beauty, this new poster is probably exactly what you expected. Seductive, yet simple, it features the lead actress from behind, barely covered by bed sheets with a hollow look in her eyes. Come to think of it, Disney's Sleeping Beauty would probably have the same look if she knew she were being turned into a sex worker.

Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival later this year, Sleeping Beauty follows Browning's character as she's offered the chance to completely redefine her image. She accepts, opening a world of untapped desire and shady intentions that may prove to be a little more than the temptress bargained for. Take a look at the still below…

Directed by Julia Leigh and also featuring Rachael Blake, Sleeping Beauty has caused quite a buzz over the last few weeks. The aforementioned image, first published by Stale Popcorn, will do nothing to lessen that excitement, but it still remains to be seen whether the interested parties will be excited enough to actually go out and see the film. Racy teasers always fall into heavy internet rotation, but often that doesn't translate to box office grosses. Being titillated for free at home is one thing, but shelling out ten bucks and going to the theater is another.

Personally, I think this film is begging to be played on IFC at some weird hour in the middle of the night as a double feature with The Dreamers, but I'll hold off final judgment until we at least get some early reviews. Besides, there are far worse fates a film could suffer.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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