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Sundance’s biggest hit this year was a movie called Precious co-starring, believe it or not, Mo’Nique. Despite a veritable mountain of evidence to the contrary, it seems she can act. In Precious she plays the abusive, impoverished mother of a miserable, obese, pregnant teen. It’s not exactly a laugh riot.

The film is presented by Oprah and Tyler Perry and the trailer features uplifting music in spite of the unhappy, painful, empty life pictured through most of the trailer. I guess that means you’ll walk out with a renewed sense of self or maybe grateful that you’re not Precious.

Seriously though, the movie’s supposed to be fantastic. Everyone who’s seen it has done nothing but lavish heaps of praise on it and there’s a good chance that come Oscar season you’ll hear at least some buzz for Precious. Watch the movie’s first trailer below or in high-res over at Oprah.com.