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Preview The Cloud Atlas Soundtrack And Watch A New International Featurette

Thought a lot of the most effective trailers and TV spots for Cloud Atlas have used the excellent M83 song "Outro," the film's original score by Johnny Kilmek, Reinhold Heil and co-director Tom Tykwer is really fantastic, with the huge variety of themes and tones you might expect for a movie this enormous and wide-ranging. You can hear bits of the score in the previous Cloud Atlas trailers, including the beautiful and plaintive "The Atlas March," but now you can get a much closer look at the score with this preview at Soundcloud, from Water Tower Music.

You can also pre-order the soundtrack at >iTunes.

In other exciting news, a German preview featurette for the film has popped up online, and though the narration is in German without subtitles, there's a lot of new footage, plus interviews with the cast conducted in English. You can check that out here.

When I first saw Cloud Atlas at the Toronto Film Festival I was swept away by it, and it felt like forever before it would finally come to theaters so I could talk about it with other people. Now we're very, very close to the film's October 26 release date, and I can only hope it has the same effect on at least a few more people. It's an odd, very earnest movie that's not going to work for everybody, but I firmly believe if you go into it ready to be on its side, it's an experience unlike anything else I've seen all year.

Let me know in the comments if you're with me on Cloud Atlas, or if you suspect a movie this big and sprawling might not work for you.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend