Prisoners is one of the few overly dramatic films that both managed to earn critical acclaim and a tidy box office sum. If you haven’t caught the flick, you’ll be able to jump on the bandwagon soon. The Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard vehicle is hitting Blu-ray and DVD sooner than you might think. In a late announcement, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has put out all of the information for the release, which will hit the market on December 17.

Prisoners Blu-ray

Prisoners is probably not the ideal holiday gift for an aunt or uncle. The film was originally rated NC-17, but was re-rated R before it actually hit theaters. The subject matter is brutal, following the kidnapping of two young girls and the increasingly erratic behavior of one of the girls’ parents who is trying to get to the center of the mystery surrounding the children’s disappearance. Jackman, Howard, Maria Bellow, and Viola Davis star as the parents of the kidnapped children, and Jake Gyllenhaal also has a key role as the detective on the case.

Despite the all-star cast, the film hasn’t had the best advertising. You probably remember the trailer for the movie, which showed the desperation and fear in the parents’ voices when they realize their kids had disappeared. I actually didn’t think the initial previews looked remotely compelling, but as the reviews (and the box office numbers) came in, I was lulled into the theater, and I wasn’t disappointed. You can check out the Blu-ray trailer, below, but don’t mind it if the trailer’s not the best you've seen.

The Blu-ray and DVD sets won’t come with too many bells and whistles. There are only two bonus features with the set, and I can’t tell you much about either of them. The first is called, "Prisoners – Every Moment Matters" and the second is called "Prisoners – Powerful Performances." I’m assuming the second segment will discuss all of the big names that pop up in the film, while the first segment could talk about the time crunch to find the girls in the film. Those aren’t the usual sorts of featurettes, but this movie doesn’t really need a ton of extras to be worth a purchase.

Blu-ray copies of the film list at $35.99 and DVD copies of the film will run for $28.98. The flick will also be available via Digital Download on December 17. For now, you can pre-order copies over at Amazon.

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