Grammy-winning hip hop star RZA first burst into film back in 1999 in the urban warrior-centered action movie Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. Now he makes his directorial debut with The Man with the Iron Fists, and not only taps into his love of martial arts action but also his taste for gore galore. Helping him bring his blood-soaked vision to life is gorno auteur Eli Roth, who co-wrote the script with RZA. With the film finally set to make its theatrical debut next week, Universal Pictures has released a new featurette where both Roth and RZA breakdown what makes The Man with the Iron Fists "A Slice Above."

Check out the shockingly graphic behind-the-scenes featurette below, but be warned, much like the film's red-band trailer, this is NSFW!

With this level of gonzo action and gore, it's little wonder that Quentin Tarantino has opted to present this picture that centers on the intense tale of warriors and assassins in 19th century China, united to bring down a traitor who is a threat to them all. The Man with the Iron Fists features a hard-hitting cast that includes RZA, Blaxploitation icon Pam Grier (Coffy), world heavyweight wrestling champion Dave Bautista, Ninja Assassin's Rick Yune, Kill Bill's Lucy Liu, Sucker Punch's Jamie Chung, Oscar-winning badass Russell Crowe as well as Zhu Zhu, who appears in the controversial sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas.

The Man With Iron Fists hits theaters November 2nd. In the words of its director, "Go see it or get your face broke." To learn even more about the movie, check out our Blend Film Database.

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