Read Kevin Smith's Zack And Miri Script

I’m starting to get excited about Kevin Smith’s new comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno in a way I haven’t been excited about a Kevin Smith movie since he was supposed to do that never to be named by me again superhero movie. He’s also still working on the horror film Red State, but it’s starting to look like Zack and Miri will get done first. It’s the movie with all the heat.

Knowing that, EW has obtained a single page from the film’s finished script and printed it, to give you some idea of what we may be in for. Since it’s Entertainment Weekly, they’ve edited out the naughty words, but you can figure out what’s hidden under those black squares if you really want to.

It’s only one page of the script, but I’ve gotta say I really like it. The entire project is starting to give me a Chasing Amy vibe, and since that’s a brilliant fucking movie, that’s a really good thing.

Take a look at the script page below, and get pumped for Zack and Miri.

Josh Tyler