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I like red band trailers a lot. Unlike green band trailers, which basically censor a movie so that it's appropriate for all audiences, red band trailers give a much clearer picture of what the movie will be about and the kind of content they will bring. They are typically made for R-rated comedies who want to shove as much cursing, nudity and debauchery into two minutes as they can. The first trailer for Klown, however, pushes them to limits I've never seen before.

Drafthouse Films has premiered the first preview of the Danish comedy and please, for the love of god, don't watch this at work. If you do, Cinema Blend is not responsible for you getting fired. This is your final warning.

I'm honestly amazed that this went to the MPAA and actually got certified with an R rating. It's one thing to have this in a full movie, where it's somewhat diluted by all of the non-raunchy stuff, but to use it in the previews takes serious balls. I applaud this effort.

Klown follows the adventures of men as they travel on an all-male canoe-trip. The film was directed by Mikkel Nørgaard and will be released in theaters on July 27th. It was recently reported that an English-language remake is in the works with Danny McBride attached to both write and star.

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