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I don't think promotional materials usually do their best to give away the entire plot, but Nu Image seems to be making an extra effort with Red Sonja. Maybe it's because she's a minor comic book character who requires major introduction, or maybe because the plot doesn't matter anyway and they all know it, but the first press materials sent out for Red Sonja include a ridiculously detailed plot summary, along with a picture of Rose McGowan looking predictably hot. The MovieSet Blog posted scans of the whole thing, and we'll go into the plot a little below.

First of all, the things that aren't surprising. Red Sonja, who wears a chain mail bikini, is a warrior! She also lives in an unspecified time in the past, and is out for revenge. The movie apparently takes on a flashback structure, starting with Sonja as an adult killing a guy in a tavern, and then jumping back to her past to find out not only why she killed the guy, but how she came to kick ass to begin with. Oh, and the whole thing ends with "a final epic battle between the forces of good," and, well, evil. But you probably knew that was coming too.

I don't mean to rag on Red Sonja, a movie I know nothing about at all, but the plot description alone suggest something fairly unoriginal. I have no doubt, though, that director Robert Rodriguez and McGowan have the power to surprise me. Check out MovieSet's full plot summary and decided whether you're willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
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