Reynolds is Still Waiting...

When Cinema Blend Head Honcho Josh Tyler reviewed the original Waiting... he said; "[It's] a vile, small, miserable little excuse for a comedy. It’s despicable, and not in the good way that the Farrelly brothers’ morally reprehensible movies used to be. There’s nothing here but dick jokes and the glorification of statutory rape."

It only grossed $16,000,000 and was critically panned for, well, exactly what Josh said about it above. But because it cost about $10 to make, it made a big profit. And because this is Hollywood, if you do anything more than break even, despite getting critically ass-raped, you get a sequel.

So it is that, according to the guys at Moviehole, Still Waiting... will begin shooting later this month in North Hollywood. Apparently many of the "stars" of the original will return including Ryan Reynolds and Alana Ubach, however it's been suggested these may not amount to much more than cameos.

No word on a release date yet, but I'm not sure I'd publish it anyway, simply to discourage you from endorsing this kind of crap by going to see it.