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Ridley Scott Describes A Key Scene From His Blade Runner Sequel

Unlike most directors, who play coy with future projects, Sir Ridley Scott talks openly about what he’d like to do next, and how he’d like to do it. His Prometheus clearly sets the stage for additional stories (without spoiling too much), and Scott is openly lobbying for the chance to tell those chapters of this new series. And he’s also prepping a sequel to his seminal work Blade Runner, and he’s gone so far as to map out a full scene that might end up being the opening sequence from the anticipated film.

Scott was speaking to Collider during a recent Prometheus press event and laid out a Blade Runner scene to give an idea of his scope and style. Scott said:

There’ll be a vast farmland where there are no hedges or anything in sight, and it’s flat like the plains of -- where’s the Great Plains in America? Kansas, where you can see for miles. And it’s dirt, but it’s being raked. On the horizon is a combine harvester which is futuristic with klieg lights, ‘cause it’s dawn. The harvester is as big as six houses. In the foreground is a small white clapboard hut with a porch as if it was from Grapes of Wrath. From the right comes a car, coming in about six feet off the ground being chased by a dog. And that’s the end of it, I’m not gonna tell you anything else.”

Oh, so now you clam up, Sir Ridley? Kidding, of course. It sounds like Scott is far beyond the “possible” stage of development. He’s gone so far as to begin designing scenes in his head. Does that mean he’s moving right from Prometheus to this untitled sequel? Well, as far as we know, original Runner scribe Hampton Fancher is hard at work on a script, and Scott wants Harrison Ford to return to the universe in some capacity. Beyond that, Scott has a handful of projects he’s considering directing, but this Blade Runner sequel seems to be top of mind.

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