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When it was first announced that Elizabeth Banks would be playing the role of villain Rita Repulsa in the Power Rangers movie, many people began scratching their heads. It was an interesting choice, to say the least. She wasn’t exactly what many people pictured when they thought of Rita Repulsa. Now, we have the first picture of Elizabeth Banks in full supervillain mode, and she’s really not what you pictured. Check her out below.

So that’s awfully...green. Needless to say image from the official Power Rangers Twitter this is a far cry from the Rita Repulsa that fans remember from the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. Rather than wearing an extravagant dress, this Rita is dressed in body armor, which of course doesn’t actually cover her body the way actual armor would, because sex appeal. She’s also got some pretty serious claws on her fingers that we’d expect could do some damage. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on with the headgear, but it looks pretty cool from here.

If form follows function, then we can probably make one pretty clear assumption based on this outfit: Rita Repulsa is going to fight. The Rita of the original series never got her own hands dirty. Her job was creating the monsters who were supposed to destroy the world and defeat the Power Rangers. While we still expect there to be giant monsters for the Power Rangers to battle, they’re pretty much a staple of the series, we’d also guess that Rita Repulsa may get into a little martial arts combat with the Power Rangers herself. The original Rita was never dressed for kung fu. You really can’t get in much of physical altercation in that hat.

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To call this a drastic change is an understatement. No doubt it will rub many fans the wrong way who would have liked something that at least made reference to the original character. At the same time, indications have been that the story as a whole will see significant changes, so maybe starting over fresh was the right choice. The color is also an interesting choice. Going with green will certainly separate her from the Power Rangers, who will be in red, blue, yellow, black, and pink. We also have to wonder if the color means anything beyond that. One character that we have yet to hear anything about is the Green Ranger, a fan favorite who appeared later in the original series. We don’t know if he’ll even be in the movie, but he did start out as a bad guy, so is Rita’s green outfit an indication of something? Or does it mean that green is her color and we won’t be seeing anybody else in it?

What do you think of the new Rita Repulsa? Is going with something drastically different a good choice to help the film stand on its own, or would you have rather seen a more traditional looking character? Sound off in the comments below.
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