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The annual MTV Movie Awards have become one of the biggest nights in entertainment. Unlike the Oscars or the BAFTAs, it’s a night where more mainstream entertainers get to let loose and achieve recognition for their accomplishments. This year will see the event’s 25th anniversary, and as such it only makes sense that the network will choose to commemorate the occasion with something special. For such a big night, MTV has enlisted the help of two of Hollywood’s biggest stars to host the affair. Well… one of them is the biggest; the other is not so big (in stature).

A new announcement from MTV indicates that the network has enlisted the talents of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to take on the hosting duties for the 25th annual MTV movie awards. The decision to have these two box office giants host makes a great deal of sense for the network. Between the action and comedy genres, they have made names for themselves as two of the most marketable stars working today, and would undoubtedly play a major part in drawing in a bigger audience for the ceremony.
Aside from their box office clout, the hosting gig offers a great marketing opportunity for Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. Considering the imminent release of their upcoming action-comedy film Central Intelligence, teaming up to host the MTV movie awards provides the perfect platform for people to get a sense of their overall dynamic, and generate even more excitement for the film’s release.
One thing that makes this announcement so intriguing is the way in which MTV has opened up channels for fans to contribute to the creative process. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart will shoot the promo campaign for the event live tomorrow, and will allow active social media users an opportunity to "direct" the campaign. Users can submit comments and social posts utilizing the hash tag "#movieawards" and these suggestions will lead the way in which the campaign is directed.

A major reason for this type of marketing involves the way in which Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart interact with their fans. Over the course of their careers, they have each developed a reputation for being incredibly open and accessible towards members of their respective fan bases, so allowing the fans to direct a promo shoot seems like the next logical step for these two stars.

Check out the video below to get the details on how to participate in tomorrow’s promo shoot:

We will bring you all of the latest and greatest news associated with the MTV Movie Awards as it becomes available to us. The ceremony will air Sunday, April 10 on MTV at 8 p.m. EST. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart’s new movie Central Intelligence will hit theaters on June 17.

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