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Dwayne Johnson has already had a degree of success thanks to his partnership with director Brad Petyon, previously teaming up on both Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and, more recently, San Andreas. Now the duo are apparently going for the hat trick, as new reports say that they will once again be reteaming for the video game adaptation Rampage.

Deadline says that Brad Peyton is now in talks with the folks over at New Line Cinema, and should they come to agreeable terms the filmmaker will helm the upcoming monster movie. The film will also serve to reunite the director with producer Beau Flynn, who worked with Johnson and Peyton on their last two projects. Should he sign a deal, Peyton will also come aboard as a producer on the movie.

Based on the 1980s video game of the same name, the movie will see three monstrous creatures, a giant gorilla, a Godzilla-like creature, and a huge werewolf, simultaneously destroying landmarks in major cities across America. The only force that can stop them will be the films hero: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Given that the point of the source material game was to cause as much destruction as possible, it's strange that the film adaptation is taking the exact opposite approach - but it certainly is a lot easier narratively to make the feature this way. Ryan Engle, who wrote the script for the recently-released Liam Neeson-starring thriller Non-Stop, is writing the screenplay for the project.

It's not a huge surprise that New Line would be excited by the prospect for reteaming Dwayne Johnson and director Brad Peyton. Working together on the $79 million-budgeted Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, the duo were able to create a worldwide hit that ultimately brought in $335 million and is expected to produce a sequel. San Andreas was a bit more expensive, costing a reported $110 million, but to date the summer blockbuster has pulled in an impressive $460 million. These projects have not received any real critical acclaim - in fact, the trend has been the opposite - but there's obviously money to be made when the actor and filmmaker are working together.

If this news excites you for the new Rampage movie, it's now time to drop the other shoe: the movie isn't scheduled to come out for a while. Warner Bros. has penciled the project in for a release some time in 2017 - which means that the movie won't even be going into production until next year. As of now, the plan is to have Dwayne Johnson make the movie next summer after he's completed him commitments on Fast & Furious 8. We'll surely be hearing more details about this project as it makes its way through pre-production over the next few months, so stay tuned for more updates.

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