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Sure, there's probably something written in the contracts for Fast & Furious 6 that The Rock is not the only star, that he and Vin Diesel and Paul Walker share top credits, or that the cars are somehow the leads. But let's be real. It's not a coincidence that Fast Five jolted the franchise into the stratosphere at the exact moment that The Rock joined the team, and it's not a coincidence that The Rock is part of the best moments of the film we've seen so far, including the ridiculous airplane stunt that had us all cheering from our couches at the Super Bowl.

Now The Rock has finally gotten his own character poster to celebrate his true glory, premiering at the film's Facebook page. It's pretty minimalist, in line with what we've seen previously for Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, though each of them had the same tag line "All Roads Lead To This," while The Rock inevitably gets a bit of his own dialogue. As we know from the trailers, the action in Fast & Furious 6 kicks off when The Rock turns to Dom Torretto-- the outlaw he was formerly trying to hunt down-- for help in defeating an even tougher target. Say what you will about The Rock, but at least he knows who will make a good ally.

Fast & Furious 6 is coming to theaters in time for Memorial Day weekend, and with Fast & Furious 7 already in the works, the franchise that The Rock revived is looking remarkably strong. Not as strong as The Rock's biceps, of course, but still pretty good.

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