Ronda Rousey Just Got A Huge Vote Of Confidence For Playing Captain Marvel

Once you say it aloud, it’s hard to think of anyone else in the role: "And introducing Ronda Rousey as Captain Marvel." The brutal MMA fighter has been beating the drum for the Marvel casting as of late, backed by her fanbase who dropped pictures of the bruiser in the costume. Well, now Rousey has another motor-mouthed Marvel fan in her corner, and he has a loud drum on which he’s able to bang, as well.

Kevin Smith loves the idea of Ronda Rousey playing Captain Marvel in the announced Marvel origin story. LOVES it! In fact, when he was approached by TMZ at the airport and asked about Rousey in the role, Smith explained:

You see her in that picture? C’mon. You don’t even need to think at this point. There’s an image. We can see it. She looks amazing. Lord knows she’s one of the only people who would play a superhero that would actually beat the shit out of somebody. I would like to see it happen."

Smith is referring to the images that Ronda Rousey shared on her social media channels of Photoshops her fans created after she admitted on Reddit that she’d love to be asked to play Carol Danvers in an upcoming Marvel movie. And yeah, the images absolutely do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to casting:

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But just because someone looks good in the costume doesn’t mean that they are a no-brainer for casting. Ryan Reynolds actually looked great in his Green Lantern duds, and that movie turned out to BE a dud. And I don’t think anyone bitched about Ben Affleck in his Daredevil suit. They bitched about the finished product.

Should Marvel take a long, hard look at Ronda Rousey for its upcoming Captain Marvel movie? Possibly. The fighter has been collecting screen experiences over the years, usually because of her fighting skills (like in Furious 7) but also because of her presence. She played herself in this summer’s Entourage, and came off as a better actor than some core members of the cast. Superhero movies aren’t exactly the showcase vehicles for classically trained actors, BUT performers like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen (as well as James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) have proven over the years that you CAN act beautifully in these projects, if you are so inclined.

Kevin Smith uses a lot of words. But in the realm of comic book movies, people occasionally listen. Will they listen to his suggestions here and back Rousey in the role? We shall see.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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