Ronda Rousey Wants To Play Ms. Marvel, Have Fun Telling Her No

Of all the major superheroes being introduced in Marvel’s Phase Three slate of films, there’s still one that has yet to be cast: Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. Her solo film is coming in 2018, and while Marvel still has plenty of time to find the right woman for the job, several actresses have already expressed interest in scoring the role. UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is the latest to throw her name into the ring, and quite frankly, we’d be hard pressed not to at least hear her out.

During a Reddit AMA, Rousey was asked which superhero she would like to play in a movie. Noting that many of the most famous female characters have already been taken, this was her response:

well... a lot of the good ones have been taken, but I'd like to vie for Miss Marvel.

Rousey identified Danvers by the superhero identity she used until several years ago, but based on toughness alone, the mixed martial artist would be a great fit to play the character, who was a United States Air Force officer before obtaining her powers. You’re guaranteed to see the Rousey do most, if not all, of her own fight scenes in the film. After all, this is a woman who earned a bronze medal in Judo at the 2008 Summer Olympics, is currently the UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, and recently won the ESPY 2015 Best Fighter award. Rousey, soon to be the star of her own biopic, also professed her love for Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Game of Thrones during the AMA, so she’s no stranger to the world of fandom.

As far as her acting resume goes, Rousey has only appeared in three films: The Expendables 3, Furious 7, and a cameo as herself in Entourage. Of those three, Furious 7 is by far her most prominent role, since she gets to show off her skills in an intense fight with Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty. Still, that may not be enough to score her the leading role in a major blockbuster, but maybe after appearing in few more projects (like her upcoming biopic), Marvel will want to sit down with her about Captain Marvel.

Rousey is the latest actress that’s either expressed a desire to play Carol Danvers, or to have been rumored for the role. Past names on this list include Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Katheryn Winnick, but Rousey’s badass attitude would be a great fit for the MCU’s first lead female superhero.

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on November 2, 2018.

Adam Holmes
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