It hasn’t been all bad on the big screen of late! After a run through the winter doldrums things have been picking up. There’s been a decent amount of big-budget, high quality flicks coming out over the last few weeks. And while this week isn’t all great, it’s not terrible either. How’s that for a sales pitch? Get ready for Eddie the Eagle, Gods of Egypt and Triple Nine.

Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at This Rotten Week has to offer.

Eddie the Eagle
Rotten Watch Prediction
I’ve been skiing more than five times in my life, so I’m kind of an expert on the subject. And yes I’ve gone over a couple of jumps and gotten what I would qualify as "sick air" so I’m definitely in tune with this Eddie The Eagle. An English guy who sets out to qualify for the Olympics without real skill in the actual event? Yup, I get this dude completely. See the remarkable story in the trailer for Eddie the Eagle below:
I can remember growing up and hearing about Eddie the Eagle from my dad who just thought it was the most hilarious thing ever: that an English ski jumper was competing in the Olympics and, by my dad’s account, was pretty terrible at it. For some reason, the memory of this story always stuck with me, and I used to associate Eddie with the lead character from The Greatest American Hero: a guy who could fly but not land. It doesn’t appear that far from the truth.

I know that with any biopic, especially one with a comedic bent, there will be some stretching of the truth to fit the narrative. That seems very much the case in this film, though after reading more of Eddie’s story it really is remarkable how bad he was compared to the rest of the field at the Olympics. The International Olympics Committee even changed the qualifying rules after ‘The Eagle" competed to make sure no one as bad as him ever got on to the big stage again.

This flick looks cute enough - a nice story about a guy who worked hard as hell to live a dream he’d wanted from a young age: competing in the Olympic Games. There seem to be a few laughs along the way, mostly because some of this material simply had to write itself. Critics are trending positive, though not over the moon. Those that disliked Eddie The Eagle even had to give it points for being "likable", something for which I’m sure the filmmakers were shooting.

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