Russell Brand has yet to find the perfect vehicle for his unique skill set. The Arthur remake sounded like it had potential, but something got lost in the execution. His co-starring turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall comes the closest to capturing Brand’s quasi-drunken, devil-may-care comedy, but he’s still looking for a feature film that can sustain his particular energies.

Maybe it will be The President Stole My Girlfriend, a comedy The Hollywood Reporter says Brand plans to produce and star in for Warner Bros. Screenwriter Matt Portenoy penned the story of a “sexy hippie” (in Brand’s own words) who loses his girlfriend to our nation’s leader. As if you couldn’t tell that from the title.

"It was inspired by the night I naively invited [Warners president] Jeff Robinov for dinner," Brand jokes. Great line.

Portenoy is the talk of the town as of late, having turned in a solid polish on the pending remake of the teen-sex comedy Porky’s. He also wrote a segment for the upcoming comedy anthology film Movie 43. The trade says Portenoy’s segment stars Emma Stone, and was directed by Griffin Dunne.

But really, I just hope that he comes up with a way to tap into Brand’s boundless creativity for President. What the project needs is a proper foil in the presidential role, kind of the way Helen Mirren bounced one-liners off of Brand in Arthur -- of which that remake needed more. So, who would you like to see on screen as Brand’s romantic rival?

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