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Anyone who's seen their photos from Cannes knows that Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling adore each other, and are bringing that bromance into their next movie together, a remake of Logan's Run. But if Refn is right about the details of Gosling's life-- and there's no reason to think he wouldn't be-- Gosling might be making another project in the meantime, and this one with another Cannes success, Terrence Malick.

Refn was doing a Q&A following a screening of Drive last night, and according to Film School Rejects he dropped the news that Gosling would soon be working with the Tree of Life director Malick, presumably on the untitled upcoming project that also has Christian Bale interested, and could shoot as soon as the beginning of next year. That means Gosling will sandwich it between what will actually be his and Refn's next movie together, the noir Only God Forgives, and then Logan's Run, which last we checked was still developing just fine.

Of course, we can't take Refn's word as gospel, no matter how many secrets he and Gosling whisper to each other in their treehouse of manly friendship. But it's awesome to see not just that Malick is moving forward so quickly on his next project, but he's rounding up some of the most interesting actors working today to go with him.

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