Ryan Reynolds Runs Around The Flash

Ryan Reynolds needs to be the Flash. I haven’t seen someone more excited about doing a part and not getting to do it in a while. Of course, a lot of that is because the project has fallen by the wayside, with David Goyer going off to do other things, but still – whoever does a Flash movie needs to cast Ryan Reynolds.

Apparently I’m not the only one to feel this way because IGN made a point to ask Reynolds about the Flash at a press junket for his current movie, The Nines. While a Flash movie may not be a huge reality right now, the Justice League film that’s being tossed around probably would include the character. Naturally, Reynolds comes to mind.

The actor’s response is a bit sly, stating quite clearly that he doesn’t know how much he’s allowed to say about it. Does that mean he doesn’t want to put out there that he’s interested in a part (thereby setting himself up for a lower salary) or does it mean he’s already in talks and can’t talk about it. His final response is that he’d love to be involved and how much he’s always connected with both major incarnations of the character, and “we’ll see” what happens.

Take a look at the video excerpt from IGN’s video and see Reynolds try not to talk about the Flash: