It's been over two years since the Vancouver Olympics, so you might have finally been able to forget the British Columbia tourism ads that aired incessantly during those Games, with famous Canadians like Michael J. Fox and Sarah MacLachlan exhorting you to come visit their beautiful province. One of those chipper Canadians was Ryan Reynolds, who has been working in American films so long it's easy to forget he's actually from up North-- not to mention that he starred with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, a rom-com in which she was a Canadian who conned him into a green-card marriage.

But Reynolds was indeed born and raised in Vancouver, and apparently he hasn't let his Canadian roots go just yet. THR reports that he will star for one of Canada's most beloved directors, Atom Egoyan, in Queen of the Night, a thriller in which Reynolds will play the father of an abducted child. Production is set to start in February, and though distribution and international sales will be handled by Canada's Entertainment One, there's no information on a U.S. release just yet.

Despite fame that comes from movies like Green Lantern or even this year's Safe House, Reynolds has a history with indies, including Chaos Theory, which was shot back in Vancouver. He also hasn't quite recovered publicly from the one-two flops Green Lantern and The Change-Up last summer, and it's probably a smart movie to add in some smaller roles that allow him to actually act and maybe establish a reputation that's about more than his abs. Working with Atom Egoyan is a good step in that direction-- and of course, a very patriotic move for a Canadian.

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