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Sam Worthington could do nothing but blockbusters from here on out and his career would be just fine, thank you very much. One Clash of the Titans sequel would give way to another Avatar sequel, and the Australian hunk would be financially set (but creatively bankrupt).

Thankfully, Worthington seems intent on balancing big-budget action with stirring drama, which is why we’re able to see him in dramas such as Last Night opposite Keira Knightley, The Debt opposite Jessica Chastain, and Man On a Ledge, an upcoming film he shot with Ghosts of City Soleil director Asger Leth. The self-explanatory thriller casts Worthington as an ex-cop threatening to leap from a Manhattan skyscraper. Elizabeth Banks plays the negotiator trying to talk him down who also suspects that this dirty police officer might have ulterior motives.

Summit Entertainment just sent us the film’s official one sheet, which is below:

Effective, even if it calls to mind the promotional image for the documentary Man On Wire (still one of my favorite movie posters of all time. Summit also released two images from the film. We’ve shared them below. In addition to Banks and Worthington, Leth’s thriller stars Anthony Mackie, Jamie Bell, Ed Burns, Kyra Sedgwick and Ed Harris. A trailer should follow shortly, as Man On a Ledge opens in theaters on Jan. 13, 2012.

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