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American Sniper got a wide release across the United States last Friday, and while it took in the hugely impressive box office sum of over $105 million over the holiday weekend, it was also met with hugely divisive comments from plenty of celebrities. Now Sarah Palin has taken her turn stepping into the spotlight, having come out in defense of Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper for their work on American Sniper.

The former vice presidential nominee took to her personal Facebook page to write:

Sarah Palin’s comments about "leftists" are a tad peculiar, especially since American Sniper has actually been nominated for six of the Academy's "plastic trophies" - including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. Essentially, her message is simply destined to only increase the controversy and press attention surrounding American Sniper, and looks to be designed in direct response to recent comments by Michael Moore. The documentary filmmaker wrote in a set of Twitter posts that his uncle was killed by a sniper during World War II and that he believed that snipers are cowards and not heroes.

Anyone who has watched American Sniper will have gathered their own opinion on the war drama. Depending on your own viewpoints on various matters, you may either see it as a rousing eulogy to an American war hero, or you could think that it’s a celebration of a murderer. Either way, Warner Bros. will be ecstatic with all of the press attention that the film is currently receiving, and controversy will only help it generate even more. At this point, it doesn’t really matter whether people are coming out in staunch defense or in outrage against the film. All of this divisiveness simply means that you just need to have a view on it, which is how more bums will be placed on seats.

American Sniper has already amassed over $130 million across the world, while it is also officially the highest grossing movie to have ever premiered in January in the US. It’s also the biggest opening of Clint Eastwood’s directing career too, and one of his most controversial too.

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