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Two weeks into its release Scott Pilgrim vs. the World continues to plummet at the box office, and though I think I have its problems pretty well figured out people continue to wonder just where it all went wrong for one of the year’s most inventive films. Here’s a thought: Maybe it needed more Kung Fu. Maybe it needed to be more like The Matrix. Scratch that, maybe it actually needed to be The Matrix.

Welcome to the internet where imagination is reality. One creative YouTuber has taken Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and literally injected it into The Matrix. This isn’t Scott Pilgrim recut to look like The Matrix rather this is The Matrix recut to sort of resemble Scott Pilgrim. What’s most entertaining about it to me, it the way they’ve synched things up to match the faster speech patters of Scott Pilgrim, which sort of results in this hilarious, fast talking from Matrix characters like Neo and Morpheus, usually known for agonizingly slow speech and a lot of brooding. It’s a lot of fun and it’s kind of amazing how well the two movies fit together.

Take a minute and check out Scott Pilgrim vs. The Matrix below:

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