Star Trek Into Darkness is almost upon us, and if you live outside the United States, it's already here. The film has been premiering slowly in Australia and in Europe, and soon enough will screen for critics here in the United States, finally revealing the remaining secrets that J.J. Abrams has kept locked in an underground vault for these last few years. But as we all know, it's never too late for more marketing either. The above poster for Simon Pegg's Scotty debuted today at Moviefone, alongside the one you see below of Anton Yelchin as Chekov.

I'm surprised it took us this long to see these, actually, since character posters for Kirk and John Harrison, Spock and Uhura all debuted online over a week ago. Now we're just waiting for Karl Urban's Bones and John Cho's Sulu to get their big moment, and since there can't possibly be more footage that J.J. Abrams is willing to show off, that has to happen soon, right?

After all, we've gotten a look at the film's first clip, but all it manages to show is bits and pieces of a scene we've seen many, many times-- Spock down in the volcano, with everyone else back on the Enterprise (or at least most of them) mysteriously wearing very form-fitting wetsuits. But the clip comes with no context about where and when it fits into the film. Secrets are still being kept. Abrams may distract us by releasing a character poster for every minor figure-- Scotty's oyster-headed alien friend!-- rather than show off any more details.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 17 here in the U.S. Are you ready?

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