Seann William Scott To Play A High School Counselor For Guidance

Looking at Seann William Scott's American Pie character Steve Stifler, it's not exactly easy to picture him playing a guidance counsellor at a high school, but on the other hand, maybe that makes him a perfect pick for such a role in a comedy. Scott will star in Myriad Pictures' high school comedy Guidance. He joins Leslie Bibb in the film.

Per Variety, Guidance is being directed by Ira Rosensweig from a script penned by Matteson Perry. The writer/director team have worked together on a couple of shorts (Running Buddies and Graveyard Shift). Scott has been cast to play a down-on-his-luck guidance counselor who takes a liking to a student that reminds him of himself and makes the choice to alter transcripts in order to help him. Leslie Bibb is on board to play a new teacher who has caught Scott's eye.

Bibb and Scott share a recent credit, both having appeared (in separate segments) in Movie 43. Scott's well known for his comedic roles, with Role Models and Cop Out among his credits in recent years. He also reprised his role as Stifler in American Reunion and his voice-role as Crash for various Ice Age installments. But his stand-out role in the last few years has to be Goon, which not only demonstrated Scott's ability to balance funny with sweet and charming as the kind-hearted but thuggish hockey player Doug Glatt, but also demonstrated his ability to handle a solo lead well. I'd hoped we'd see him in another lead role soon after Goon, and while it took a couple of years, it looks like it's happening.

Kelly West
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