Stateside, Argentinian director Juan José Campanella was best known for helming television series like Strangers With Candy, House, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit until 2009 when he revealed the chilling thriller The Secret In Their Eyes, which went on to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Though he's continued in television since then, this year will see his eagerly anticipated film follow-up, Metegol, which is nothing you'd expect from his credits above.

The family-friendly movie that marks his first foray into directing animation centers on a young man named Amadeo, who has an ardent love for foosball and his best friend Laura, though she doesn't know. But when Amadeo's foosball skills are challenged by the best foosball player in the world, he has a chance to impress Laura…or fail miserably. Still, Amadeo's not alone in his quest for victory, as he discovers his foosball players are alive! Metegol is a story of teamwork, love, friendship, respect and passion. And you can get a glimpse of its latest teaser below, thanks to Bleeding Cool.

From the trailer above, we can assume Laura is the purple haired girl with the pixie cut, while Amadeo's rival is the beefy dude with the slicked back hair and peculiar fashion sense. There's plenty of action, and the visual style is distinctive and engaging, but the plot is still a wee bit perplexing. However, that aspect will likely be cleared up as the film's theatrical debut approaches.

Metegol opens in Argentina on June 20th. Releases will follow in Russia and Brazil. At this time, the film has no release date scheduled for the U.S.

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