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Right on the heels of the first images from the film, Disney has released the first trailer for Secretariat, which you can watch embedded below. The story of the 1973 Triple Crown winning horse is exactly the inspirational sports story you are expecting-- stubborn and visionary owner (Diane Lane), eccentric and also stubborn trainer (John Malkovich), plenty of people to tell them "It's impossible!" and an adorable horse champion right in the center.

But what can I say, it also looks pretty great. For everyone who didn't think Seabiscuit was enough of a champion, Secretariat looks like a pretty good bet. Keep an eye on Diane Lane, too. The actress has been under-appreciated by Hollywood for what seems like forever, and if putting on a blond wig and a sassy Southern attitude worked for Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, you can bet Disney has the same idea for Lane's Oscar chances as well. See what I mean in the trailer below or in HD on Yahoo.

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