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Senior Citizens Watch The Batman V Superman Trailer, Are Adorably Baffled

By this point, pretty much the entire world has watched and re-watched the Comic-Con trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice at least a dozen times. Countless blogs and columns have been written on this footage, which have intimately analyzed every single frame. But we hadn't heard how the elderly community felt about the superhero hybrid: a wrong that has now been righted with the below video, entitled, Elders React To Batman V Superman Trailer. You can check out what they thought of the clip below:

Well, the general consensus from these adorable senior citizens seems to be that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice looks rather spiffing. But, of course, these inquisitive old minds didn’t just appreciate their first glimpse at the blockbuster on face value; they also had a stream of questions. The first and foremost of which is how the hell could Batman beat Superman in a fight?

While they weren’t too sure if Bruce Wayne could actually defeat Krypton’s most famous son in a tussle, they were never the less impressed that he was running face first into the falling debris of Wayne Tower. But as Batman began to plan out his battle with Superman, the elderly viewers soon started to worry that the Caped Crusader might actually be a villain in the blockbuster! In fact, when they were asked for their main feelings while watching the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer, they said that it made them feel "nervous" and confused – just because they weren’t sure who the good guy will be.

But their main worry was that the iconic characters were quarreling so ferociously, with one even proclaiming that all superheroes should stick together. These concerns soon abated though when they spotted that Mark Zuckerberg himself, aka Jesse Eisenberg, had left behind his work at Facebook, and had now blossomed into the most evil man in Metropolis, Lex Luthor.

After watching the trailer, those involved were asked who they thought would win in the fight between Batman and Superman. And there was a rather emphatic response, with only one person predicting that Batman would come out on top, while eight insisted that Superman would easily trump his adversary. One viewer didn’t understand the question and stated that they’d both win. But the biggest revelation to come out of this entire exercise was that the man below is regarded as elderly:

He can’t be a day over 45! Regardless of the man’s age, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will eventually be released on March 25, 2016. And it promises to be kind of a big deal.