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Most people get out of bad relationships and then sulk and moan and whine for a while before finding their way back in to a normal single life. Besties Woodrow and Aiden decide, on the other hand, that the best way to feel better is to act out, build flamethrowers and wreak havoc.

Such is the story for Bellflower, a Sundance and SXSW favorite finally making its way out to the masses. This new trailer from newbie writer/director Evan Glodell, who also stars in the film, shows off a frenetic film full of fire and chaos, and while you may not be able to glean a storyline from it, you will probably still want to see it if you have any love for action and/or destruction.

Bellflower will be hitting theaters this August though it doesn’t say if it will be wide or just limited to the major metro areas. Keep your eye out for showings when the time comes and scope out the trailer below (or in HD over on IMDB) to see if it has something you might like to see.