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Seth MacFarlane is out talking about doing a Family Guy movie again, and it sounds like it’s closer to happening than ever. In fact, he makes it seem almost inevitable.

Talking to TV Week on the subject he says, “We do want to do it and we will do it at some point. It’s just time. We in the past 6 months started talking seriously about it. So my hope is that we’ll get going in the next year. Doing the show is a seven day a week process and finding the time to squeeze in a movie is… I don’t know how we’re gonna do it but we’ll figure it out.”

Fans of the show have been clamoring for a feature film ever since we all were able shift our energy from clamoring for it to get uncancelled to something else. As for what the movie will be about when MacFarlane finally gets going on it, he says, “I have an idea of what it’s gonna be. It’s definitely something that you could not do on the show, which to me is the only reason to do a movie.” Family Guy without television censors? I’m not sure whether to be elated or frightened.