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In most cases, having Zac Efron move next door would be a good thing. Ladies, you’d be blessed with instant eye candy. And guys, having Efron in your neighborhood would attract similarly gorgeous people, giving you attractive people to spy on as you sit home on a Friday night, wishing you could be more like Efron and his friends. But occasionally, things go too far, as is suggested by the latest trailer for Neighbors, starring Efron, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne.

Yahoo Movies hosts the new clip, from a comedy directed by Nick Stoller. He helmed both Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, to give you an idea of his sense of humor. And this new trailer has a number of noteworthy jokes. Initially, that Breaking Bad joke with the baby eating "blue meth" struck me as dated, as it’s really going to tie Neighbors to a specific year moving forward. The air bags gag, on the other hand, is hysterical no matter what year you are watching it in. And it’s impressive! I’ve watched it a number of times and can’t peg how they do it so seamlessly. CGI. Ain’t it amazing.

Neighbors is an odd-couple suburban comedy, but the part that strikes me as funny (and interesting) is that the usual party animal Rogen is transitioning into the stage where he can play a suburban dad who needs to tell the young kids to keep it down. That’s a long way off from the guy who threw the summer’s biggest end-of-the-world bash with This Is the End:

Like any polar-opposite comedy structure, though, you either are going to enjoy Neighbors because it lets Efron have a blast and torture Rogen, or you are going to pay good money to watch Byrne and the Knocked Up kid put High School Musical in his place. The wild card here might be Dave Franco. That dude’s hilarious, and his Robert De Niro impersonation in the trailer, circa Meet the Parents, cracks me up.

This new poster arrived with the Neighbors trailer. Universal will have the movie in theaters on May 9. What do you think of this extended look? Does it have you checking under your seat for an air bag?

Neighbors Poster

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