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Sexy, Dangerous Clips From The Lincoln Lawyer

Marisa Tomei’s career has undergone a renaissance in recent years, mostly because she seems willing to show up in just about any movie to play “that girl who gets naked and sleeps with the protagonist”. It works for her. Made her more respectable than ever. Those jokes about her My Cousin Vinnie Oscar have even sort of stopped. Hollywood starlets take note: Getting naked on screen may be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Amongst these new clips from The Lincoln Lawyer you’ll see Tomei doing her girl who strips for the hero thing again, along with scenes involving Ryan Phillipe being a total creep, and clip in which a long-haired William H. Macy pretty much spoils the plot of the entire film. Maybe the marketing minds behind the film figure that since the movie’s based on the book, spoilers don’t matter, but if you haven’t read the book yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you might want to skip the third of the three clips below. If you watch, I’ll see you afterward for a quick breakdown of what we just saw.

While all of the Lincoln Lawyer’s trailers have been pretty wishy-washy on the subject of what’s really going on here, is Ryan Phillipe guilty or isn’t he, these clips make the whole thing pretty clear. “You’ve got one client in jail, for what your other client did,” explains William H. Macy’s character. There’s your conflict. How will Matthew McConaughey handle it? Normally he’d take care of business by ripping his shirt off, but this seems like a better, more focused Matt McC. He’s intense, kind of like back in the days when everyone still thought he could act.

The Lincoln Lawyer looks good and, if you’re looking to bone up on the film, check out our dedicated Lincoln Lawyer page in the BFD.