Shark Night 3D Poster: Are They Trying To Make A Dark Knight Joke Here?

With Piranha 3DD coming later this summer, it's unclear to me how we also have room for Shark Night 3D, another schlocky take on underwater creatures who wreak havoc on young people in bikinis. At least Shark Night 3D is getting the jump on the Piranha sequel, hitting theaters on September 2, nearly three months before Piranha 3DD arrives in time for Thanksgiving. And as a result they're also the first one out the gate with any marketing materials, having debuted at new poster at IGN, which you can also see below.

The poster sticks to the same basic elements that made up the first image from the film-- hot girl and a toothy shark. It's also surprisingly dark for what's presumably a bouncy late-summer goof, and between the gray palette and the rhyming title I can't help but think they're going for some weird The Dark Knight reference here. Anyway, check out the poster below and see if you can make any more sense of it, and let us know if you're more excited for this than Piranha 3DD, or if they're honestly starting to feel like the same movie at this point.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend