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So here's your plot setup: a handyman, a young stock broker and the broker's girlfriend are on a boat, and one of the men is found floating dead in the sea. If the stockbroker role has been offered to Shia LaBeouf, is there any possible scenario in which the broker is the one found dead? Yeah, I thought not. I'm not sure why Pajiba is trying to the keep the very obvious plot under wraps in their news report, but it's the only fishy part of what is sounding like a genuinely good idea.

According to their sources Summit is developing Peter Morgan and Richard McBrien's original script Riptide, which becomes a whodunit when an investigator is brought in to figure out what happened on that boat. Apparently not only has LaBeouf been offered the broker role (a really obvious choice given his role in Wall Street 2), but Brad Pitt is wanted to play the investigator. Of course, this is just sending out an offer-- for all we know Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are also up to play the broker and investigator. LaBeouf and Pitt would be an interesting pair, a kind of "old matinee idol meets new" matchup, but I'll hold off getting excited until we have some more confirmation.

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