Sigourney Weaver Passes On The Female Expendables Spin-Off

We've been hearing rumors of an all-female version of The Expendables - nicknamed The Expendabelles - going back to 2012, and while names like Linda Hamilton, Milla Jovovich, and more have come up in wishlists and conversations, there is one actress in particular whom many would call the queen of female action stars. Sigourney Weaver will forever go down in cinema history for playing hero Ellen Ripley in the Alien franchise, and Sylvester Stallone himself has talked about his desire to have her be a part of the larger franchise. Too bad that's not going to happen.

Buried in an article about how Sigourney Weaver is joining the A-list cast of the fantasy adaptation A Monster Calls, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the actress has said no to the idea of being a part of Expendabelles. Sadly, the article contains no other information about the situation, simply stating that she has passed on the project.

It's not really hard to figure out why Sigourney Weaver wouldn't necessarily want a role in an Expendables spin-off. She's not struggling to find work - which can't necessarily be said about those who have signed on for The Expendables in the past - and it's pretty clear that the franchise is in decline. Despite being an expected winner, The Expendables 3 took a nose dive at the box office this past weekend, opening in fourth place and only managing to bank $15.8 million. This is a huge step down from the performance for The Expendables 2, which made $28 million in its first three days, but even that total was underwhelming compared to the $34 million made by the original. It doesn't seem like audiences are really digging this stuff anymore, and Weaver may have just dodged a bullet by not being a part of its future.

In addition to A Monster Calls - which will see her starring alongside Felicity Jones and Liam Neeson - Weaver has a full slate of upcoming projects. Later this year she will be a major player in Ridley Scott's biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, and she has already completed work on Neill Blomkamp's robot movie Chappie. She also has a few small films known as Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4 scheduled to start production next year.

With Sigourney Weaver apparently being a hard pass on the project, let's take this time to ask an important question: do we really want to see an Expendabelles movie? Answer our poll below.

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