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Lots of things about Mission: Impossible 4 are still up in the air, even including how big a role Tom Cruise will play in the film, but now we know one thing will stay the same from the third film. According to THR, Simon Pegg has signed on reprise his role as computer nerd Benji Dunn in the film, which is preparing for a September shoot even though the film hasn't technically been greenlit yet.

Pegg's recurrence as a character doesn't tell us all that much about the top-secret screenplay, unfortunately, since his character could be worked in pretty much anywhere. But at least it's a show of confidence from someone left over from the J.J. Abrams Mission: Impossible, and maybe a hint that this isn't just some doomed cash grab that will try and fail to revive Tom Cruise's status as an action hero. With Pixar genius Brad Bird directing I'm hoping for something better, and while Pegg's return may be a slim hope to hang on to, it's what I'm banking on for the moment.

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