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Nathan Fillion isn’t exactly having the best year. First his “successful” movie Serenity bombed at the box office. Now he gets this lovely little horror movie, Slither coming to theaters, and the trailer has hit the internet to show us just how great this film will be.

The trailer makes no bones about hiding its plot or its weaknesses. Horribly rendered CGI sluglike creatures are invading, getting (literally) under people’s skin and making them blow up like huge balloons. If the effects look this bad in the trailer I can’t even imagine sitting through an entire picture like this. At the same time, you have to admire the balls of a movie that brags it’s better then classic films like Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street which were apparently made for sissies.

This strikes me as the type of movie Fillion did as a rent payment piece - you know, the type of movie he'd take to pay the rent and secretly hope it never goes public while he waited until Serenity hit it big, achieving him a status wherein he would be worshipped by Browncoats everywhere and totally bankrolled for the rest of his career in Serenity sequels. Alas, that ship has flown off without Fillion. Here’s hoping he can find better roles in the future.