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Will Smith may have missed out on an Oscar nomination for Concussion, but his next project, Collateral Beauty, is shaping up to be quite a feast for the eyes, since it’s going to be filled with famous faces.

According to The Wrap, the film will be helmed by director David Frankel. He directed films like Marley and Me, The Devil Wears Prada and Hope Springs, and has helmed episodes of Entourage and Sex and the City. Allan Loeb, writer of Rock of Ages and Here Comes the Boom, among others, is crafting the screenplay.


Will Smith takes on the lead role in Collateral Beauty, as an advertising executive who undergoes a personal tragedy. His colleagues come up with a plan to make him feel better, and it works, but not in the way they expected. Smith’s most recent films are Concussion and last summer’s underrated Focus.

Helen Also in the cast is Helen Mirren. The actress, who won an Oscar for starring in The Queen in 2006, is playing a, currently, undisclosed role in the movie. Her recent roles include The Hundred-Foot Journey, Woman in Gold and a part as gossip columnist Hedda Hopper in Trumbo.

Ed Edward Norton is also set to join Collateral Beauty. The actor, once known for his intense dramatic roles, has recently branched out into lighter fare. Lately, he’s had co-starring parts in Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel and 2014’s Birdman, for which he received an Oscar nomination. He’s currently lending his voice to the Seth Rogan animated comedy Sausage Party.

Michael Michael Pena might be one of the hardest working actors around these days. The chameleon, who somehow manages to be recognizable and yet completely inhabit his characters, was recently seen in Fury, Ant-Man and The Martian, as well as the TV series Gracepoint. He’s currently filming the CHiPs movie reboot.

Naomie Naomie Harris is also circling a role in the Will Smith starrer. She’s recently become know for her part as Moneypenny in the latest James Bond films, but the actress has been working in film steadily since her breakout role in 28 Days Later in 2002. She’s currently lending her voice to Jungle Book: Origins.

Rachel Also looking at a part in Collateral Beauty is first time Oscar nominee Rachel McAdams. Her latest credits include Southpaw, the second season of True Detective and Spotlight, the film that garnered her an Academy Award nomination. She’s working now on the hotly anticipated Marvel film Doctor Strange.

It’s fair to say that Collateral Beauty is pulling out all the stops to make sure this film gets as much attention as possible. Now all we have to do is wait and see, and hope that it ends up deserving that attention.