Will Smith And Tommy Lee Jones Attached To MIB 3D

Remember when Will Smith movies used to be fun? I don't mean to insult the man, as he is certainly one of the coolest working in the film industry today, but it has been years since he put on that big goofy smile and fought the bad guys with a cocky attitude and a catchy rap song. Hancock wasn't even decent enough to give us a funny drunk, just a really pissed off one. Maybe Smith has acknowledged this too, which would explain his most recent move.

Showbiz 411 is reporting that Barry Sonnenfeld has gotten both Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to sign on for Men In Black 3, returning as Agents K and J. Sonnenfeld also confirmed, unsurprisingly, that the movie will be filmed in 3D, though a script has not yet been written.

There are few in this world that wouldn't want to see Will Smith fighting aliens again, but do we really want to see it in the construct of Men In Black? The second film was incredibly disappointing and not even in the same league as the original. Perhaps if they learn from their mistakes (Read: spending so much time with those fucking worms), it could be successful, but, really, when has Hollywood ever done that?

Eric Eisenberg
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