And Soon The Darkness Trailer: Karl Urban Stalks Amber Heard's Bikini

Amber Heard seems poised to become a breakout star. She can act, she’s stunningly beautiful, and she a gamer. She seems like she’s pretty much up for anything on screen, whatever it takes for the role. I’d hoped her big breakout part would be in The Rum Diary, but who knows if the Johnny Depp take on Hunter S. Thompson’s novel will ever be released. It’s sitting on a shelf somewhere, finished, and rotting away. So now Amber has this: A new horror thriller opposite Karl Urban called And Soon the Darkness.

The title makes it seem like the plot should involve Karl Urban hunting lions, and while it does take place in a jungle, it’s the South American jungle and he’s not so much hunting lions as girls in bikinis. Yep, it’s another one of those pretty girls terrorized in a foreign country movies.

Amber Heard goes on a vacation to Argentina with Odette Yustman, and Odette Yustman suddenly disappears. Fearing the worst she goes looking, the police prove useless, and because Karl Urban can speak English and offers to help she trusts him. This may prove to be a mistake. Watch Karl play a sort of creepy version of Dr. McCoy in the first And Soon the Darkness trailer below:

Look for And Soon the Darkness in theaters December 17th.

Josh Tyler