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Source Code is the next movie from director Duncan Jones, the mind behind the excellent independent sci-fi movie Moon. Please don’t tell me you haven’t seen that yet. Netflix, right now, if you haven’t. For this movie he’s leaving near-Earth orbit and hitting the rails, for a time travel movie set mostly on a train. Apparently trains are back in vogue around Hollywood. Source Code is the next, step down the tracks after Unstoppable.

Despite being set primarily on a train, Source Code and Unstoppable couldn’t possibly be any more different. Instead it’s kind of like Groundhog Day meets Déjà vu. You’ll know what I mean after you watch the movie’s first trailer. Watch:

The trailer’s solid if not particularly spectacular. Personally I’d kind of hoped to see something with more visual flair from Jones, who did so much with so little on his last movie, Moon. I liked the script well enough when I read it, but to make it more than Groundhog Day with a bomb, he’ll have to have something special up his sleeve that we’re just not seeing in the trailer. I want to believe it’s there. How about you?

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