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It’s always a precarious challenge for child actors to move into the realm of the adult actor. Some disappear from the spotlight for several years as they go through the awkward transition from child to adult. Others take adavantage of it with a coming-of-age film, like Haley Joel Osment in Secondhand Lions. Spencer Breslin (The Kid) is making that transition even more awkward with his next comedy, Harold.

Harold features Breslin as a fourteen year old who is already suffering male-pattern baldness. In high school, where everyone already has trouble fitting in, Harold is even more of a reject. The movie also stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Ally Sheedy, and Nikki Blonski.

A trailer for Harold has arrived online and it’s got me intrigued enough to take a look at the whole movie. Originally, the premise sounded sort of goofy, like a new version of Jack or something. Breslin hasn’t really had to prove himself as an actor until now, but this could really become a breakout role for the teen… or it could move him into that realm of former child actors whose only Hollywood income is regaling audiences with their former days of success.

Check out the trailer for Harold, which opens July 11th in select cities.

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