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The Spider-Man 3 Comic Con trailer we've all been hearing so much about is online... but you may not want to watch it.

It's not an official release and the quality is horrible. If I had to guess, I'd say the video was taken with someone's cell phone. It's so blurry that most of it is completely indecipherable. There's some vague images of Eddie Brock praying in a church, some fuzzy shots of Spider-Man punching Sandman, and some of the Venom stuff we've already told you about in other descriptions. But you can't really see it. In fact, you might as well just watch it with your eyes closed and simply listen. At least the audio's fairly good.

If you're still determined to watch it, I've posted the Spider-Man 3 trailer below. But if you're smart, you'll wait a few days until they officially release it. Don't expect much from this super blurry version.

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