Is he strong? Listen, bud. He’s got radioactive blood that helps him toss paper confetti in the air as he prepares for a New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.

I’m talking, of course, about our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man, who joined ABC News for a trial-run confetti toss leading up to the Amazing ball drop on Dec. 31. We’ve been telling your for weeks that Spidey would guest star on the NYE telecast, bringing footage to the masses who weren’t invited to cool parties… er, stay home on New Year’s to watch excusive footage from anticipated blockbusters. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb joined ABC and a costumed (but silent) Spidey in the above clip to tease a "massive" action sequence that was filmed in, and takes place in, Times Square, which the filmmaker says they will screen on New Year’s Eve.

The poster Webb referred to, the one with the "Greatest Battle" tagline, can be seen here:

Spidey Poster

And I’ll post the latest international trailer below, which has tons of exciting footage. The battle Webb likely will show on New Year’s Eve was a prominent factor of the San Diego Comic-Con footage, which makes me think Sony kept that scenes out of the recent trailers and clips to save it for New Year’s. It shows Times Square repeatedly going dark as Electro (Jamie Foxx) draws power from the enormous billboards surrounding him. It uses that fantastic shot of Spider-Man catching a car, helping out an overmatched police officer. And it is a thrilling display of Electro’s power. At least, that’s what I’m hoping Webb chooses to show.

We have plenty of time to speculate on the comings and goings of ASM 2. I do find it interesting in this ABC News clip that Webb emphasizes OsCorp. He’s starting to educate the general audience on the importance the Osborns and their corporation will be in the developing Spider-Man universe. But he stops short of going all in, saying Electro will be the main villain, and Paul Giamatti will be on board as The Rhino. We’ll be back to dissect all of what is shown on New Year’s Eve – though probably not until New Year’s Day. Because if we jumped online and wrote about the clip IMMEDIATELY after it happened, we’d look like complete losers who had no lives, who just waited all night for the footage to air. And we aren’t that bad. Not yet, anyway.

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